A Go-to Guide for Fraternity Apparel for Different Occasions

Fraternity apparels are very important to the young men who study in colleges and universities. The present-day market textile market holds diverse types of such apparels. It is possible to get extremely pleasing fraternity dresses that bear nicely imprinted Greek licensed alphabets. One can choose in line with the demand of the situation and of course, according to the basic theme of the group. In general, there will be different types of occasions as far as the functions of the group are concerned. One must wear in accordance with the necessity and significance of the actual situation. Nobody must ignore you because of the lack of uniqueness of your fraternity dress. Instead, you must be able to grab the attention of all. Hence, the t-shirts, the pullovers, or all the related fraternity accessories must bear a typical stylish nature. You can make this possible by buying these items from experienced fraternity cloth dealers. Because of their vast experience, they will be able to guide you professionally and design attractive apparels for your fraternity use.

A Go-to Guide for Fraternity Apparel for Different Occasions

It will be good to design unique apparels for the various uses that may arise, during the fraternity period. This includes occasional wear, party wear, and casual wear. Let whatever be the item you choose; you must try to make the item unique. When there are similar designs within a group, your dressing pattern will go unnoticed. To avoid this possibility of overlooking, you must clearly design your apparel with unique styles and patterns.

• You must buy only from authentic sellers who are licensed. This is vital to ensure the quality and legality of the fraternity apparel. You can confirm the authenticity of the dealer by the official legal stamp provided in the websites.

• For casual wear, it is sensible to buy fraternity dresses with subtle shades and designs. The best way to design such apparel is to keep the Greek symbols in bold while maintaining an overall restrained color combination. The dress must have an undemonstrative nature. One can wear this type of fraternity apparel for attending the regular classes or the general fraternity meetings. This will also be perfect wear while visiting one’s own group members’ houses, as the dress will project an amiable feel.

• However, attending lively parties or similar grand occasions is entirely different from the situation above. Here one can wear smartly designed fraternity dresses. The color combination can be a bit more than the usual gaudy nature.

• Screen printing makes the t-shirt noticeable; however, you can also choose the stitched letters, if you want to add more dazzling nature to the item.

• Rough designs along with the required Greek alphabets or symbols will be perfect for projecting your masculinity. Moreover, this will be very much useful for wearing while participating in the frat socials. It is good to have stitched letters personalization. This will make the dress all the more attention-grabbing.

Buy from Established Dealers

Some of the top merchants who sell fraternity apparels also provide the services of fraternity specialists and style representatives. By taking the professional assistance of these specialists, one can create novel designs that will make his presence noticeable, even within a crowd. Whether it is round neck t-shirts or amazing half zips, tank tops, hoodies, or any other fraternity accessories, or any particular style of fraternity clothing that you need to wear during any specific fraternity meetings, you can take the assistance of the creative graphic designing team. You will only have to imagine a particular design; the creative team will complete the rest of the things perfectly. Such established apparel dealers usually offer various options like embroidery, screen printing, stitched letters, heat transfer, etc. Above all, there will be the customization facility by which you can make your t-shirts unique and much more striking. You will also get good customer-friendly terms like free shipping and trade discounts. It is easy to find such top dealers who sell quality fraternity or sorority dresses. You must search through the internet platforms. However, even though you may find a lot of fraternity cloth dealers, you must buy only from established sellers.

Make a Fashionable Statement with Your Fraternity Apparel

Fraternities are all about friendship and friendship is about creating long-lasting memories. Let us make something unique for the fraternity so that it can again take you to the past memory lanes of a great time in college. There are numerous products like polos, T-shirts, koozies, caps, tanks, etc. to choose among the fraternity apparel. We will provide some tips to be ready for occasions like date nights, parties, class, or formals.

One can wear a semi-formal dress, which should be simple and stands out from the crowd. Various designs on ties or shirts are distracting, but a plain white shirt with a one-colored tie or a basic pattern is the best approach. When one chooses to wear formal wear once or twice a year, make sure you are properly dressed. There should be no ill-fitting suit, and the pants should be hemmed. When difficult to choose a formal, have a dark color ensemble- tie, jacket, slacks, and shoes. You can rent a suit or tax, but it would be wise to invest in a $1000 tuxedo that will really last for a long time. Wear it in fraternity events in college and friend’s wedding. One can visit a readymade store or browse through online stores to get once choice of shoes, cuff links, tuxedo, jacket, pants, and bow tie.

Semi-Formal Wear

If one aspires for a semi-formal dress, then it would be best to choose from a classic dress shirt, tie, slacks to khakis, and a trendy sweater. As it is a semi-formal dress, wear a tie having some lobster and sailboat patterns to have a funky look. Complete your wear with a good pair of shoes like leather boat shoes or oxfords. Wear it at alumni events, dinner with the rents, sorority date parties, interviews, etc. one must avoid wearing funky shoes, as people should notice your outlook but not the shoes. You do not need to spend a lot of penny to look stylish and comfortable. For formal attire, one can easily get a shirt worth of $37, pants with a price tag of $98, $50 for tie and shell out maximum $160 for shoes.

Now if one chooses to be semi-formal comprising of sweater and khakis then sweater could cost around $75, shoes will come at $75 and pants worth of $70.  People want to wear fratty casual wear where they want to wear in their math’s class, during the internship, or going on a dinner date with lady love to weekend errands, then choose a button-up shirt or a polo with a nice pair of dark-wash jeans or chinos. Now to amp up your style quotient wear new chukkas or some sweet branded high tops. No need of wearing socks and avoid wearing a crazy pattern. Please stick to bold colors for avoiding any embarrassment. If one wants to have some patterns in their attire, then choose between the pants, shirt, or the vest. For a casual polo look, a shirt of $90 is enough. Spend no more than $150 for the belt, shoes between $75 to $130 and pants worth of $50 need to be spent.

For a casual look of button down and jeans, one should spend $150 for pants, $50 for the shirt, maximum of $250 for shoes and $350 for the vest. After completing all the classes, extracurricular activities, meetings, etc, it’s time to set loose for the weekends. Wear some comfortable shorts, lax penny, boat shoes and have some fun with friends. Wear the dress during day drinking, house parties, tailgating, etc. Stay easy and no need to try various dresses and just keep it simple. Have loose-fitting dresses, not tight attire that will make you uncomfortable during the party time. Buy shorts worth of $25, shoes will cost around $85, a tennis headband of $5, penny will be $17, and athletic gym shorts would be of $40.

All About Alpha Phi Apparel

Every sister is very excited about her Greek life. Everyone has her ideas of Greek life. But one common aspect that every sister enjoys is sorority clothing. Alpha Phi Apparel is something that unites the sorority and represents the house as one big group of sisters.

Sorority clothing is fun, and more importantly, everyone is an expert in designing it. Sisters can use the sorority Greek letters in such a creative way that nobody can imagine. That’s why there is a whole separate industry of custom Greek apparel in the United States. You can create whatever you want.

When it comes to customizing sorority apparel, everyone is expert. Every sister has sufficient material in her head to tinker with design and create a masterpiece that looks super cool on her. But creating a masterpiece is not only about unique ideas. There are other factors as well which play a major role. Designer’s skill, the method used for printing, quality of fabric, manufacturer’s skill, and ink quality decide whether your sorority clothing will rock or not.

So before you make the final decision of ordering Alpha Phi Apparel for your collegiate chapter, there are a few decisions you have to make to ensure your lovely sisters get the best in the world.

Let’s have a look at the few things that you need to keep in mind to choose the best apparel for your house.

Work with In-house Designers

Choose an Alpha Phi Apparel store that has a team of designers. Work with style rep to create awesome designs. Tell her what you want to create, and then start designing your unique apparel. Design every detail very carefully because your clothing affects how the public sees your house. Decide what you want on the shirt. Is it cursive sorority letters, symbols, or screaming words? Choose the color of shirt carefully that can easily match with the rest of the outfits. And also adding glitter to sorority letters is not a bad idea.

Printing Technique

The technique used for printing decides the quality of the print. Screen printing and Embroidery are the best printing techniques when it comes to printing t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, caps, tank tops, hoodies, long sleeves, and bottoms. The color of Alpha Phi apparel printed with screen printing does not fade away easily. It can withstand thousands of washes. However, to print detailed designs, embroidery works best. Embroidery prints are durable and do not chip away easily.

Quality of Fabric

You sorority apparel should be comfortable. Then only your sister will be happy to wear it. Poor quality fabrics make you uneasy, and you will avoid wearing sorority shirts. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in high-quality fabric. And there is no such thing as quality is always expensive. A whole lot of Greek apparel stores are providing quality apparel at reasonable prices.

How to Choose Right Alpha Phi Apparel Store?

Choosing the right Greek apparel store is very important to ensure that you get access to the best apparel in the market. Here are the few suggestions that can help you to choose the right Alpha Phi apparel store:

• Make sure you are working with the officially Greek Licensed vendors. They have copyright on the designs created by their in-house team under the United States copyright laws.

• Choose a store that has an in-house team of certified designers for custom designing your Alpha Phi apparel.

• Check the shipping and replacement policy of the vendor. Does he take responsibility for the damaged items? Make sure your vendor offers easy returns in case you want to change the size.

• Ask for the turnaround time. Generally, custom orders are shipped within two weeks of placing the order. Also, choose a store that can produce as many shirts as you want and capable of delivering bulk orders.

• Choose a store that offers you free rewards, bulk discount, loyalty discount, free shirts, and shipping discount on bulk orders.

Final Thoughts

Sorority clothing is the pride of sorority. Therefore, choosing the best apparel is quintessential to portray the positive image of the sorority. So this year, purchase the best Alpha Phi apparel for your lovely sisters and stand out among the rest.

Greek Life Apparel – A Buying Guide

Joining a Greek life helps you to avoid homesickness with its immense opportunity to make friends from various parts of the world and go together with the sorority and fraternity members not only in classroom sessions but throughout all steps from recruitment to joining philanthropic endeavors, rush events, parties to camping and more. The colorful days boost your personality, hospitability, as well as knowledge with academic success and help in developing your career. Being an associate, wherever you go, you must be fitted with suitable sorority dress code with the famous Greek Letters that become your identity and boast your excellence throughout your lifetime.

Greek Life Apparel – A Buying Guide


When it comes to choosing Greek life apparel, what appears extremely challenging for the vast majority is a suitable selection of sorority recruitment outfits. Unsurprisingly, with a view to show your personality and stand apart in the mass to get a bid, the outfit plays a major role. Instead of wondering, get the online assistance of specialized sorority apparel designers and accordingly place orders ahead of time. Always, think of dressing in a formal outfit that should appear tasteful, elegant, and smart. Before buying online, watch the cutting and hem of necklines of the dress which should show of your flare in a pleasing manner allowing your personality to be eloquent.


In order to attend an orientation that is a staple of recruitment, you should keep your wardrobe ready with fitting Greek life apparel to get started. Even if, orientation is quite a casual event, however, considering it would be your first impression to your sorority members, dress you as polished as possible fitted with jeans, shorts with tee shirts that look decent. If you’re wearing ripped denim shorts, make sure that the pattern is visually stylish. Many consider wearing baggy shirts with matching the skirt that keeps you feel comfortable throughout the session while boasting your personality and shine.

Camping and Philanthropy

This is the most appealing phase when you work in conjunction with your sorority out of the campus and get an opportunity to know each other in a more friendly way at a personal level. Similarity, you will come to know and learn how sorority gives back to the society as well as the nation. Obviously, you can step beyond your formal t-shirts and shorts or skirts during this period and use Geek life apparel like a charming top, sundress and jeans with matching heeled sandal and other accessories.

Volunteering Outdoors

You can be asked to involve in volunteering outdoor activities such as charity, community awareness program or beach cleanups. Now, how diligently you should keep you prepared with all sorts of Greek life apparel to immediately get started. Importantly, you should outfit with sorority button-up long sleep shirts to sweatshirts with half jeans in accordance with the outdoor activity.

Preference Party

Preference party is another formal part of the week and outfitted with exceptionally stylish colorful Greek life apparel you should boast your individuality and taste to the sorority group. Check product sites of focused outfit designers and markets and pick custom design tee-shirts, half sleeve full zip sweatshirts, colorful top with floral print, some of the popular choices of young learners. The attire needs to be paired with suitable jeans and a chunky necklace.

Rush Party 

While heading to a rush party, simply feel free to get out of wrapping you with official clothing code to make your buddies spellbound of your rocking style. Choose complementary Greek life apparel including tank tops, long-sleeved shirts, or pullovers in the chilly nights while rocking on the dance floor. To brag your personality, glam, and style, this is one of the most tempting college events for students since it permits to go as you wish. Always, consider buying from top designer specialist stores who are aware about the officially approved symbols, Greek phrases, a color which needs to be incorporated with the outfits, no matter whatever is the event or season.

Guide for the Sorority Sweatshirts

Well, when it comes to sweatshirts; you can’t just have one! There is something so warm and cozy about sweatshirts that buying more than one (every new season) actually makes sense.

For sorority members, sweatshirts take on an even more significance (in the world of cozy clothing) due to the presence of Greek letters on them. Sorority sweatshirts have kind of become the go-to tops for Greek life members on campus. Just throw one over your tattered jeans and you are all sorted for your first class of the day. When running late for a class, sorority sweatshirts do come to the rescue of students. Sweatshirts look good and you look good wearing them. What’s not to like about sweatshirts?

Now, to make the right fashion (and comfort) statement, you need to find the best sorority sweatshirts in the market. Consider these tips to help you in your search for the best sorority sweatshirts you can find for campus Greek life.

For the Sake of Fashion

Sorority fashion is mostly about casual comfort. Barring formal sorority events, Greek life members mostly need casual yet stylish clothes for their everyday needs.

For days when it’s just starting to get cooler, choose sweatshirts with extra wide collars, raglan sleeves, and thinner fabrics. Choose sweatshirts in cotton and polyester blends for colder months.

Try to include different fonts, colors, and patterns for your Greek letters or logos on the sweatshirts. You can choose to go the custom-design way and create your own patterns for the letters on the sweatshirts. You can choose from hundreds of fonts and colors. Try different decorations such as foil designs, screen printing, stitched letters etc.

Color must-haves –

All sorority members must have at least one sweatshirt in black, white, and gray. You can easily pair them with your winter jackets without worrying about color matches. You won’t have to worry about the shoes either. Any color or style of sneakers would do with these evergreen neutral shades.

Then you need some cooler shades such as soft pink, powder blue, and sea green. Buy at least one sweatshirt in a vibrant shade such as cobalt blue or sunshine yellow to carry you through bleak winter days. Red and orange colors work fine too for this purpose.

Comfort All the Way

With fashion out of the way (yes, the priorities are in perfect order!), it is time to talk about the comfort factor.

You definitely need more than one style of sorority sweatshirt for your comfort in every season. You need one that is resistant to water and wind. Yes, it’s about nothing getting in the way of your campus fun. Come hail and shine, you must be ready to deal with it in your sorority sweatshirt!

You can wear these lightweight polyester sweatshirts over your usual t shirts or tank tops.  Choose one in eco-fleece material to make the right fashion statement. Buy at least three sweatshirts in thicker materials for the harsh winter months. These sweatshirts can come in handy to add layers when you are out and about on campus; simply remove your jackets in the classroom to sport your Greek life apparel with pride.

Choose different materials to remain comfortable in your sweatshirts most of the year. Your options can be fleece, cotton-polyester blends, cotton, and French Terry. Now, French Terry is ideal for students with active campus life as it wicks moisture really well. It is also lightweight for the ultimate in comfort.

 Style must-haves –

You need sorority sweatshirts with hoods, without hoods, with half-zips, with a bit of wider necklines, and one with drop-shoulder sleeves (this style just looks extra comfy). Buy at least a few sweatshirts in classic crewneck designs for days when you simply need an extra layer of clothing to keep warm.

Printed sweatshirts are also essential for making a style statement in your comfortable avatar. Examples of printed sweatshirt can be polka dots or camouflage patterns on fleece. For variety, buy a cropped sweatshirt that looks more like a top. You can fold the sleeves and rock this look with high-rise jeans or cotton pants.