Buying a Clutch Bag as a Gift

Selecting a gift for a woman is never easy. You have myriads of options on what could make a great gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, and so on. Also, something that you gift your wife may not necessarily make a good gift for your mother or girl bestie. However, there is one item that ticks the boxes for all categories and all occasions – a clutch bag. This seemingly small accessory that contains cash, cards, vanity items, and other essentials is also a great way to share love and appreciation for the women in your life.

Why gift a clutch bag

A clutch bag is a gift that can never go wrong, because it is not just an accessory, but also something that makes a trendy style statement wherever it is carried. It reflects the personality of its wearer and can make heads turn anywhere it goes. The accessory comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit the needs of its users. In smaller sizes, they can be carried around as less cumbersome yet useful accompaniments for special occasions such as dinner dates, cocktail evenings, red carpet events, and so on. Larger clutch bags that accommodate laptops, gadgets etc. in addition to bare necessities are a great choice for use at work, corporate events, and the like. These bags, no matter their size, work well for casual occasions as well. For a laid-back outing with family or a shopping spree with friends, a clutch bag is a great choice.  This accessory is also not bound by age. Teenagers, middle aged women, or even older ladies can use them without worries. Exactly why they become a great choice for gifting needs.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a clutch bag for gifting

The clutch bag to be gifted should most importantly be matched to the personality of its owner. A basic purse or bag with a fold over and metallic closure is a classy choice for women who like minimalistic styles. Such designs also make a good pick for corporate ladies whose formal style needs sophisticated accompaniments. Clutch bags and purses with elaborate trimming such as pearls, sequin, metallic embellishments etc. are an apt choice for women who prefer extravagant designs. They also make great picks for special occasions like weddings, parties, gala nights etc.

The size of the clutch that you choose needs to match the needs of its user. Small and mid-size clutches can be used for casual needs as well as occasional ones. Larger bags are better suited for working women who need to carry electronic gadgets, and work paraphernalia around.

The color of the clutch bag is yet another determinant. Black, brown, nude, and white clutches are classy and can be used by women of all ages. They are occasion-neutral as well. Colored ones, however, should be gifted to women who love flashy and vibrant styles, especially teens, tweens, or even middle-aged women who have a flair for all things bright and bold. Such clutch bags are better suited for occasions such as weddings or parties.

Most clutch bags are mass produced. However, hand-crafted ones make better gifts because they are beautiful, exclusive, and have a character like the woman who uses it. Such hand made bags also boasts of the craftsmanship of the artist involved in its making. An example of this kind of clutch bag is the hand tooled leather clutch, which features intricately etched and inked patterns on its surface. The motifs symbolize certain values and carry meaning to its user, who connects with the design at an emotional level.

Clutches typically represent mini handheld purses, but many of them also contain detachable straps or chains for use as a shoulder sling, or to be worn around the wrists. Having this feature helps the user carry the clutch around with ease, and is blessing for someone who could be absent minded to leave the clutch down or misplace it.

Bear all these details in mind when you pick a clutch bag for gifting your girlfriend, wife, mother, colleague, sister, or friend, and you will not only impress them but leave them with a cherishing possession that speaks volumes.