The Complete Set of Underwear All Women Must Have

Lingerie is an indispensable part of every woman’s wardrobe. They come in many different styles, shapes, sizes, and with many different features to cater to the various shaping and comfort needs that women have. Beyond functional needs, lingerie is also used for erotic purposes. Many brands that offer women’s lingerie also craft specially designed bras, panties, bodysuits, and other kind of sexy lingerie for date nights, special occasions, and the like. Taking into consideration such different needs for lingerie, here is list of the set of underwear that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe.

Classic briefs

Classic briefs are the everyday staples in your wardrobe. They are go-to underwear for almost all occasions. With a medium to high rise design, and good coverage, these women’s panties are super comfortable to use, and can be worn for really long hours of time. These underwear pair well with almost all kinds of clothing like denim trousers, flared skirts, and so on. However, they aren’t a good match for body hugging dresses as they show panty lines through what you are wearing.

Boy short panties

Boy short panties or briefs are inspired by men’s boxer briefs and feature a similar design that offers maximum coverage on the front and rear. They are extremely comfortable to wear and are functional too. Such underwear, owing to the coverage that they provide, gives you modesty under skirts and dresses when you need it most. These panties also make perfect lounging partners at home when you do not want anything constricting or uncomfortable around your intimate areas.

G-strings and thongs

Thongs and G-strings are extremely sexy and best reserved for special occasions, or those when you need to go commando. They offer minimal coverage on front and rear and give you a sexy vibe like no other. G-strings and thongs are often made from silk, satin, lace, or vinyl fabrics, which give you a seductive appeal when worn. These underwear also have a functional purpose. They show no panty lines when worn and are absolutely great for teaming up with pencil skirts, sheath dresses, and other bodycon outfits.

Underwear sets

Not just in singles or separates, women’s underwear can be bought as coordinated sets, and here are a few must have of this kind.

  • Bra and panty set

A bra and panty set consist of one each of the product and features coordinated designs, colours, and sizes between the two separates included in it. Such a well-matched women’s underwear set is perfect for daily wear as well as for special occasions such as weddings, honeymoon, date night, and so on. The bra and panty set is a great choice for anyone who loves to wear coordinated inner clothing. When made from colourful meshes, black and white laces, or in faux leather with strappy designs and cut out details, these underwear sets give you a seductive appeal like no other.

  • Camisette

A camisette is similar to a bra and panty set, but features an underwear paired with a camisole. This lingerie may be for functional purposes, or simply erotic ones. The camisoles in such sets may, at times, also feature an inbuilt bra, when you want to wear them under regular clothing. When accentuated with meshes, frills, and cage-like designs, camisettes lend you a seductive appeal that cannot go unnoticed.

  • 3-piece sets

Another women’s underwear set that’s a must-have in your wardrobe is the 3-piece set that features a bra, a panty, plus suspenders for women. These coordinated sets, like the others, serve a functional purpose and an erotic one. Suspenders with garter belts or garter skirts, when paired with bras and panties, make the perfect choice for special occasions such as interviews and weddings, in which you would typically wear stockings. These sets, however, can be equally sexy too. In lacy vintage styles, luxurious velvets, or silky satin fabrics, these 3-piece sets lend you an unmatched charm that makes any man go weak on his knees.

So, add these underwear to your wardrobe and you are sure to have one that suits every need or style.