How to be Wise in Choosing Crossfit Backpack for You

Since the trend of Crossfit training started in the 21st century, you must know that the old backpacks or any kind of duffle bags no longer go with this trend. Since you keep your body extremely fit by trying out these new workouts now and then, why not to invest in a good quality Crossfit backpack? Now you must be thinking what is the need when you have a perfectly new duffle bag to carry all your things to the gym?

Here is a simple answer for you. When you go to the gym for the training, you carry, fresh clothes, a towel, pair of shoes, a sipper, protein bar, wallet, keys to name a few. Let’s say, you want your towel while you are in the middle of your training circuit and while you are pulling out the towel, you pull out everything that was in your bag. Just imagine the amount of embarrassment in front of everyone. And not just that. Look how unorganized everything is with your shoes and your clothes in one single compartment.

Therefore, it is time for you to invest in good quality, durable and stylish Crossfit backpack for you which you can not just only use for the gym but also, to your office or anywhere you want to go. And to make it easy for you to get started, here are a few tips on how you can choose the right Crossfit backpack for yourself.

Extremely lightweight

You must choose a backpack that is extremely light in its original weight. If you plan to go for a day’s hike with that bag, you do not want to overburden yourself with additional bag weight while you carry other stuff. Therefore, always check the weight of the bag before you make the purchase. Ideally, the backpack should be around 3 lbs that will not be strenuous for you at all.

Multiple compartments

Your Crossfit backpack must have compartments for all your essential items. Look for a backpack that comes with a shoe compartment, laptop compartment, small zippers to keep your valuable items, pockets for your sipper and water bottle, separate space to keep food, etc. So basically, look for a backpack that can hold a day’s stuff in it. This means that once you step out of the house, you need not have to come again to get ready for the office.

Premium quality material

Since you will be investing your hard-earned money in this bag, you want it to last for a long time. Thus, a backpack crafted with ballistic nylon is going to last a lifetime. Not just that, the material looks extremely elegant and stylish. Also, look for the padded shoulder straps to give you all the comfort during those long and tiring hikes.

Breathable compartments

Even though you look for a backpack with separate compartments, you do not want your clean clothes to smell of sweat because of the shoes. This will happen if the inner material of the backpack is of low quality and not breathable. Your Crossfit backpack should have ventilation to get rid of all the bad smells to keep your things clean and tidy. Therefore, your backpack must have a mesh panel to keep it breathable and free from all the microbes. Just make sure that you are scrutinizing your options wisely here.

Easy to clean

Since you already have a super hectic schedule, you do not want to spend your weekends cleaning the backpack. Therefore, choosing a Crossfit backpack that needs a minimum amount of maintenance like just wiping it off with a damp cloth would be a wise thing to opt for. Always look for the cleaning instruction before you buy the backpack. Backpacks that are crafted from nylon are easy to clean and also keep the odor away. And along with its multi-functional use, they are quite pocket friendly.

Therefore, make sure that you are looking at various options, reading the reviews before making your purchase. Just be wise enough to understand all the benefits of the Crossfit backpack before you choose anyone for purchase.