How to Make the Most Out of Your Greek Apparel

Wearing outfits with the Greek letters of your sorority can be exciting and fun. But the same styles of hoodies, t-shirts, and tank tops can get boring soon enough. So, how do you wear the same Greek apparel worn by other sorority sisters with your own distinct style? How do you utilize your Greek apparel in the best way possible?

Consider these tips to make the most out of your Greek apparel.

Greek apparel – always; all the time

As a sorority member, you will find yourself wearing your Greek apparel more often than any other outfits.  So, why not wear them in a way to stand out in the crowd? As a sorority member, you are going to amass many items of clothing – mostly tops – with your Greek letters. Now, this is just perfect for a college student with a packed schedule of classes and social life.

It is just so easy to pair t-shirts and tank tops with jeans, shorts, and leggings. You can sport your letters, look stylish, and be comfortable – all the same time. Pairing your sorority tops with jeans for your classes can take the guesswork out of the everyday dilemma of ‘what to wear’.

With your Greek apparel collection, you can now choose from pastel tank tops to long-sleeved comfy t-shirts and oversized hoodies. Just throw them over a well-fitted pair of jeans and trendy sneakers; and you are good to go. Need to head to the gym or some club activity? No problem, simply wear any sorority top suited to the weather over your leggings or workout shorts.

Now, your sorority t shirts and sweatshirts are going to get old with extended use. In such cases, use your comfy oversized sweatshirts as a sleepwear. Good quality Greek apparel can last you a long time without becoming a tattered mess. So, when you can’t wear one outdoors, there is simply no need to discard it. You can continue to proudly wear your letters in old t-shirts and tops for sleeping, when performing chores, or simply lounging around the dorm.

Don’t forget to match your sorority tops with short skirts and cropped pants. You can even wear a plain t-shirt or sweatshirt over a dress for a chic look. A tie-dye colorful t-shirt over a white shirt, short, or even a dress can be an inspiring fashion statement.

Greek apparel – for all seasons

So, what to do with your sorority tank tops and short-sleeved t-shirts once winter rolls around? With the change of seasons, you don’t need to stick to just your hoodies (not that there is anything wrong with it). For cooler weather, you can still wear tank tops and t-shirts with lightweight jackets. Bright-colored t-shirts can really look great with denim jackets.

You can even pair your sorority sweatshirts with heavy jackets to remain comfortable during really cold months.

The stylish pairing of Greek apparels and jackets of all styles can work with different types of footwear – sneakers, heels, and boots.

One outfit – many styles

You don’t have to stick to wearing your Greek apparels only in their usual ways. If you are the proud owner of an oversized sorority t-shirt, you can knot it at the waist and wear it with jeans, shorts, or skirts.

If you have a loose-fitting short top, pair it with statement necklaces of different styles and colors to vary the look a little each time you wear it. A plain pastel blue top can work beautifully with pink or silver neckpieces, multicolored bangles, and hoop earrings in different materials. Similarly, a printed blue legging can match beautifully with plain t-shirts in different colors. Racerback tops in plain or floral prints are perfect combinations when you are running errands in jeans and sneakers but quickly need to fit in a social outing around the same time as well.

To end with –

Greek apparel is a statement in itself. It signifies bonds of sisterhood and fraternity, which in most cases remains intact for life. Greek apparel in quality material can last you a lifetime. You can continue to proudly wear them long after your college days are over.