Indoor Tanning Lotion – Why It’s Good for You and Your Skin

The world of indoor tanning is often looked at as one about looking your best. Tans, after all, help us look and feel better while giving us some added protection against the sun. But did you know that indoor tanning with the right indoor tanning bed lotion can actually have some positive benefits for you besides looking great, especially if you use the right indoor tanning bed lotion?

Here are just four benefits that you could experience when you tan indoors with the help of indoor tanning bed lotion.

Your Body Produces More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is directly related to your exposure to UV light. This powerful compound has many benefits for the body. The benefits of vitamin D are well-documented, but three of the most important potential benefits, according to recent studies, include:

  • reducing the risk of getting multiple sclerosis,
  • decreasing the chances of developing heart disease, and
  • playing a part in reducing your likelihood of developing the flu.

Depending on the season and your complexion, getting enough vitamin D can actually be a real challenge. That is why many people are turning to indoor tanning to help their bodies produce the vitamin D they need to help their bodies function at their best. With the right indoor tanning bed lotion, you can ensure that your skin is getting the protection it needs while getting all the benefits of UV light to help with vitamin D production.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Anyone who has tanned, whether they do it outside or using an indoor tanning bed lotion in a bed, will tell you that your skin will dry out if you don’t pay attention. Dry skin can actually get damaged in a tanning bed, which is why many people use tanning lotions to keep their skin moisturized. But keeping your skin moisturized can also help you in a number of ways.

The benefits of moisturizing your skin while tanning with an indoor tanning bed lotion are numerous. It helps your body replace some of the naturally occurring oils that your skin makes. Moisturized skin covers and protects tiny fissures that happen on the surface of your skin all the time, as well as creating a layer of protection against dangerous environments. Finally, moisturized skin also helps slow down evaporation, helping lock in the moisture it already has.

With the right indoor tanning bed lotion, you can help your skin stay moisturized so that it can look, feel, and work at its best.

Better Oil Production

Our bodies create a number of different substances to keep it soft, protected, and operating correctly. These oils are sometimes excessive, which can lead to greasy looks, or they can underproduce, which can lead to a whole host of problems. When you use a tanning bed with an indoor tanning bed lotion, you can actually help your body balance the oils it produces, unclogging pores of unwanted oils and encouraging production of oils that your body needs. The result: skin that looks and feels healthier—because it is.

Reduce Your Stretch Marks

Let’s be clear: there is nothing wrong with stretch marks or scars. In fact, many people wear them with pride and should. But if you are someone who is self-conscious about scars or stretch marks, then you should know that tanning can actually help reduce their visibility. Indoor tanning, combined with an indoor tanning bed lotion, helps you control the hue of your tan much better than any other method, which is key to making your stretch marks and scars appear less conspicuous. All it takes is some time and dedication and you can actually temporarily reduce the visibility of scars and stretch marks.

There are many potential benefits to indoor tanning with the right indoor tanning bed lotion. These can include increasing your vitamin D production, keeping your skin better moisturized, helping your body regulate its natural oils, and even reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars. With the right lotion, you can not only look and feel great, but you can also actually help your body in many other ways. When you are looking for the perfect indoor tanning bed lotion, be sure to find one that matches your needs and helps your body stay moisturized. That is the easiest way to get the most from your indoor tanning sessions.