Make a Fashionable Statement with Your Fraternity Apparel

Fraternities are all about friendship and friendship is about creating long-lasting memories. Let us make something unique for the fraternity so that it can again take you to the past memory lanes of a great time in college. There are numerous products like polos, T-shirts, koozies, caps, tanks, etc. to choose among the fraternity apparel. We will provide some tips to be ready for occasions like date nights, parties, class, or formals.

One can wear a semi-formal dress, which should be simple and stands out from the crowd. Various designs on ties or shirts are distracting, but a plain white shirt with a one-colored tie or a basic pattern is the best approach. When one chooses to wear formal wear once or twice a year, make sure you are properly dressed. There should be no ill-fitting suit, and the pants should be hemmed. When difficult to choose a formal, have a dark color ensemble- tie, jacket, slacks, and shoes. You can rent a suit or tax, but it would be wise to invest in a $1000 tuxedo that will really last for a long time. Wear it in fraternity events in college and friend’s wedding. One can visit a readymade store or browse through online stores to get once choice of shoes, cuff links, tuxedo, jacket, pants, and bow tie.

Semi-Formal Wear

If one aspires for a semi-formal dress, then it would be best to choose from a classic dress shirt, tie, slacks to khakis, and a trendy sweater. As it is a semi-formal dress, wear a tie having some lobster and sailboat patterns to have a funky look. Complete your wear with a good pair of shoes like leather boat shoes or oxfords. Wear it at alumni events, dinner with the rents, sorority date parties, interviews, etc. one must avoid wearing funky shoes, as people should notice your outlook but not the shoes. You do not need to spend a lot of penny to look stylish and comfortable. For formal attire, one can easily get a shirt worth of $37, pants with a price tag of $98, $50 for tie and shell out maximum $160 for shoes.

Now if one chooses to be semi-formal comprising of sweater and khakis then sweater could cost around $75, shoes will come at $75 and pants worth of $70.  People want to wear fratty casual wear where they want to wear in their math’s class, during the internship, or going on a dinner date with lady love to weekend errands, then choose a button-up shirt or a polo with a nice pair of dark-wash jeans or chinos. Now to amp up your style quotient wear new chukkas or some sweet branded high tops. No need of wearing socks and avoid wearing a crazy pattern. Please stick to bold colors for avoiding any embarrassment. If one wants to have some patterns in their attire, then choose between the pants, shirt, or the vest. For a casual polo look, a shirt of $90 is enough. Spend no more than $150 for the belt, shoes between $75 to $130 and pants worth of $50 need to be spent.

For a casual look of button down and jeans, one should spend $150 for pants, $50 for the shirt, maximum of $250 for shoes and $350 for the vest. After completing all the classes, extracurricular activities, meetings, etc, it’s time to set loose for the weekends. Wear some comfortable shorts, lax penny, boat shoes and have some fun with friends. Wear the dress during day drinking, house parties, tailgating, etc. Stay easy and no need to try various dresses and just keep it simple. Have loose-fitting dresses, not tight attire that will make you uncomfortable during the party time. Buy shorts worth of $25, shoes will cost around $85, a tennis headband of $5, penny will be $17, and athletic gym shorts would be of $40.