Tanning Lotions – All You Ever Wanted to Know

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Formulas and Options for The Best Tanning Lotions.

If you have ever found yourself shopping for tanning lotions, you know it can be overwhelming with the number of brands, scents, and solutions. With everything from lotions, creams, and sprays to gels and oils, how do you choose what will work for you? Ranging from bronzers to basic tan accelerators, sometimes finding the right one for you can be daunting. The best tanning lotion for you really depends on where a person is tanning—and the results they want.

Everyone is unique and can respond differently to different products and solutions. Sometimes, the best thing to do is pick one that addresses their needs, and, through trial and error, they can find the one that works for them. Here are some things to consider when trying to find the best tanning lotion.

When they are looking for tanning solutions, a person can find the best tanning lotions can be delivered in a number of formulas. Basic tanning accelerators are perfect for beginners, giving each person a base tan that will help build their tanning results. Adding these accelerators to the best tanning lotions will allow the body time to adjust to the tanning process and hydrate the skin, all while getting that desired tanning color.


Bronzers are by far the most popular tanning enhancers in the best tanning lotions. This formula is the most purchased and used by ardent tanners. Bronzers bring the best formula for the deepest, darkest tan that brings out the natural pigment of our skin. There are generally three types of bronzers: instant bronzers that will wash away, DHA bronzers which work with the amino acids in a person’s skin, and natural bronzers that use their ingredients to increase our melanin production. Melanin is the dark brown pigment that is in human skin, eyes, and hair; it is the color we see in our tan.

Tingling Tanning lotions

Tingling Tanning lotions are generally used only by advanced tanners. These applications can be harsh for anyone with sensitive skin. They work by maximizing the skin’s microcirculation and oxygenation process, with results of a deep, dark tan that occurs in less time. The best tanning lotions in this category will really depend on the user and how much of an experienced tanner they are. The tingling tanning lotions can come with some side effects, such as burning and itching, and people do need to be aware that clean-up after application is important.

Facial Tanners

Facial Tanners are another formula someone would want to consider when looking at finding the best tanning lotion for their use. These ones are designed for use only on the face because the face has the most delicate skin for many people. Most other formulas for the best tanning lotions are not manufactured for the face. This is something most people do not know and are surprised to find out. Having the option of purchasing a separate tanning lotion for the face will help tanners get the tanning results they are looking for.

After Tan Moisturizers

Another thing to think about when picking out the best tanning lotions is how does a person make that tan last as long as possible? One way is to make sure they use after tan moisturizers to replace lost moisture and nutrients, as can be experienced through the traditional tanning process. Sometimes the skin can become itchy and we can experience dryness when in the tanning process. Application of an after-tan moisturizer can be the secret to a longer lasting tan that increases that natural glow that comes with tanning with the best tanning lotions. Daily moisturizing is crucial to maintaining and holding onto that golden tan for as long as possible.


Another option for anyone looking for that” just off the beach” look is to use self-tanners. The selection of self-tanners is also vast, with a number of companies offering a wide variety of products. When looking for the best tanning lotion in this category, a person will want to check out the many choices by doing a little research. Checking the reviews on each company and each formula offered will help a person pick the best tanning lotion for the results they are wanting to achieve. They will want to limit streaking and patching, so getting a formula that lends itself to easy application and the best coverage is important when considering which one to buy.


Considering how much exposure to the sun a person wants to allow their body to experience is also a consideration. What SPF level do they think they need to protect their skin and still acquire that sun kissed look we all want? Natural outdoor tanning requires time, so if a person is looking for a quick tan that gives them a good, even tan, indoor tanning with the best tanning lotion may be the way to go. Limiting their SPF exposure can be minimized or almost eliminated with the use of self-tanners. Each person’s exposure level and comfortable level is a personal decision.

So Many Options

Whether a person is choosing to tan indoors, outdoors, or is using self-tanners, finding the best tanning lotion for them can be made easier with a little research, and that includes checking reviews by other tanners who have used a specific product. Product reviews, word of mouth, and professionals in tanning salons can also give people the direction and advice they need to make the decision on the best tanning lotion to achieve the best tanning results.