Tips for Buying Mom and Me Dresses Online

One of the reasons why mothers today have started to become a fan of mom and me dresses is because they get to twin with their daughters and play dress up with them. It is such a heartwarming sight to see mothers and daughters get along for the best photo opportunities.

Another reason why dresses are a better option than buying clothes individually is that there is no need to hassle about matching the top and the bottom outfits and run looking for the perfect one. Here are a few tips that will help you through mom and me dresses without having to look too loud or tacky;

Inspire yourself: The Internet is one of the best sources to find inspiration for mom and me dresses from fashion bloggers who have recently turned to motherhood or the ones’ who already are and now have turned to fashion. You will find some of the cutest fashion trends to follow with these influencers posting pictures regularly. They also post outfits that twin with their daughters for that extra cuteness quotient for their followers.

The duo: For the longest time we have witnessed daughters following the footsteps of their mothers, trying to copy their fashion styles, or fit into their heels. That is just the first sign of interpreting how influenced little girls are by their mothers and how much would they enjoy dressing up like them. If she has grown up stealing the way you look and wanting to imitate your style then she already enjoys being your twin, embrace it and get a smaller version of you.

Same, but different: When you talk about ‘mom and me’ dresses, it’s not necessary, that they have to always look identical. There can be a mix and match of colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, etc. The dresses can also have a hint of each other while maintaining their originality. This will safeguard your and her personality while still holding you together as a duo. Pick the same tops or bottoms with different patterns or styles and rock the look together.

Play dress up: If you like to go experimenting with the mom and me dresses, one of the best ideas is to try Disney characters. No matter what age you are, Disney characters are always a fun dress up for both mom and daughter duo. So, get dressed and click as many photos as you like and maybe take a trip together for a background as well.

Going wild with designs: Use as many florals as you like, it will only make you and your daughter look classy. The use of florals in mommy and me dresses will bring out the lady in your little one. Though it sounds tricky that usage of florals may make your daughter look elder than your daughter but that is not true. Choose the prints of the florals correctly, it may look like it will be suitable for both mothers and daughters, but it isn’t like that each time. So, make your picks right.

Bling it on: Mom and me dresses can never be complete without adding the right bling on it. being ornate in parallel to the dress you pick for your daughter and you are vital to bringing out the maximum twinning, but classy look. The right accessories will enhance the entire look of your dress and turn all the heads around you. You can also throw a hat with it to add a little old English touch to it with some heels on the go. Try putting on headbands of various colors or go for something in solids, it will match with your outfits just right.

This post has hopefully proven to be of great help to women who are looking forward to introducing more mommy and me dresses into their wardrobe and spend some quality time with their daughters. So, wait no more and keep adding new ideas and innovative methods to gel with your kids in whatever way suits you the best.