Why You Will Love to Wear Natural Looking False Eyelashes?

Don’t want to go under the knife for lush and thick eyelashes? Then natural-looking false lashes are the answer to your prayers. If you are not the one who takes the pharmaceutical route to make your eye look prettier than it is best to find yourself suitable false lashes that would do the job.

No matter what kind of natural-looking false lashes you want, you can get it all. The popularity has made the store owners keep lashes with them because they are in so much demand by women looking to give volume to their eyes. It is no rocket science to know how to apply them the right way, here are a few tips and tricks that can teach you how to do it right.

–  For starters, wash your hands before you put them anywhere close to your eyes even for applying glue. Eyes are a sensitive area of your body and even the slightest of germs can infect it, so clean it up. Next, if there is any makeup on, use some oil-free remover and clean all the makeup off, you would need oil-free because the glue may take longer to stick if there is oil underneath.

–  If you want to customize the eyelash according to your needs you will have to be very careful and sturdy with your hands, make sure you measure it twice before cutting and make the cut in one go. Doing it multiple times can make it uneven and spoil the natural looking false eyelashes. For measurement, you can use your natural eyelashes, put it over them, and cut the extra portion off.

–  Keep rechecking for measurements for all the lashes just in case you are not sure of the size. This will keep the size the same and make your eyelashes look more natural.

–  The next very essential step is to apply the glue right. Most of the natural-looking false eyelashes will come with a tube of glue that you can use, but thee also are some that do not. So, in that case, find yourself a good quality semi-permanent glue. Also, while buying ensure that it specifically is a glue for applying lashes, any glue will not work, these are your eyes we are talking about, you have to be cautious. Apply the glue over your eyes and give it a few seconds till it starts to feel a bit sticky and then put the eyelash in place.

–  Everyone has hands of different sizes and not all of us can easily hold the natural-looking false eyelash with our fingers and place them correctly, this is where tweezers can come to your rescue. Just pick the lashes with the tweezers and apply them wherever you want by holding them in place for a few seconds, allow the glue to dry up, and voila, you are done.

–  Once you are through the process of application look for naked spots. These are the spots that become visible later once you step out of the house and the easiest way to get rid of these is to apply liners or mascara. It will hide the spots and also add definition to your eyelashes. You can next use a curler to give a curled look and add volume and grace to your eyes.

–  There is no part of makeup that you should keep one once you are back in your space, not even the eyelashes. Before going to bed, take the natural-looking false eyelashes off and now with an oil-based remover. It will take less time and all the glue will come off. Wash your face immediately after removing them to clean off all the liners and save your eyes from any potential of infections.

Now that the entire process is done of using the natural-looking false eyelashes, place it in a box and you can use it again later whenever you want to. So, add some glamour to your eyes and find yourself the eyelashes that suit your personality the best.