All About Alpha Phi Apparel

Every sister is very excited about her Greek life. Everyone has her ideas of Greek life. But one common aspect that every sister enjoys is sorority clothing. Alpha Phi Apparel is something that unites the sorority and represents the house as one big group of sisters.

Sorority clothing is fun, and more importantly, everyone is an expert in designing it. Sisters can use the sorority Greek letters in such a creative way that nobody can imagine. That’s why there is a whole separate industry of custom Greek apparel in the United States. You can create whatever you want.

When it comes to customizing sorority apparel, everyone is expert. Every sister has sufficient material in her head to tinker with design and create a masterpiece that looks super cool on her. But creating a masterpiece is not only about unique ideas. There are other factors as well which play a major role. Designer’s skill, the method used for printing, quality of fabric, manufacturer’s skill, and ink quality decide whether your sorority clothing will rock or not.

So before you make the final decision of ordering Alpha Phi Apparel for your collegiate chapter, there are a few decisions you have to make to ensure your lovely sisters get the best in the world.

Let’s have a look at the few things that you need to keep in mind to choose the best apparel for your house.

Work with In-house Designers

Choose an Alpha Phi Apparel store that has a team of designers. Work with style rep to create awesome designs. Tell her what you want to create, and then start designing your unique apparel. Design every detail very carefully because your clothing affects how the public sees your house. Decide what you want on the shirt. Is it cursive sorority letters, symbols, or screaming words? Choose the color of shirt carefully that can easily match with the rest of the outfits. And also adding glitter to sorority letters is not a bad idea.

Printing Technique

The technique used for printing decides the quality of the print. Screen printing and Embroidery are the best printing techniques when it comes to printing t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, caps, tank tops, hoodies, long sleeves, and bottoms. The color of Alpha Phi apparel printed with screen printing does not fade away easily. It can withstand thousands of washes. However, to print detailed designs, embroidery works best. Embroidery prints are durable and do not chip away easily.

Quality of Fabric

You sorority apparel should be comfortable. Then only your sister will be happy to wear it. Poor quality fabrics make you uneasy, and you will avoid wearing sorority shirts. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in high-quality fabric. And there is no such thing as quality is always expensive. A whole lot of Greek apparel stores are providing quality apparel at reasonable prices.

How to Choose Right Alpha Phi Apparel Store?

Choosing the right Greek apparel store is very important to ensure that you get access to the best apparel in the market. Here are the few suggestions that can help you to choose the right Alpha Phi apparel store:

• Make sure you are working with the officially Greek Licensed vendors. They have copyright on the designs created by their in-house team under the United States copyright laws.

• Choose a store that has an in-house team of certified designers for custom designing your Alpha Phi apparel.

• Check the shipping and replacement policy of the vendor. Does he take responsibility for the damaged items? Make sure your vendor offers easy returns in case you want to change the size.

• Ask for the turnaround time. Generally, custom orders are shipped within two weeks of placing the order. Also, choose a store that can produce as many shirts as you want and capable of delivering bulk orders.

• Choose a store that offers you free rewards, bulk discount, loyalty discount, free shirts, and shipping discount on bulk orders.

Final Thoughts

Sorority clothing is the pride of sorority. Therefore, choosing the best apparel is quintessential to portray the positive image of the sorority. So this year, purchase the best Alpha Phi apparel for your lovely sisters and stand out among the rest.