Fake Eyelashes: Everything You Need to Know

When it is about makeup, applying fake eyelashes ranks quite high in terms of difficulty or intimidation, and in this post, we will explain all the confusion regarding different types of artificial lashes. These types of lashes are flooded everywhere including luxurious beauty boutiques, small cosmetic stores, and all over social media. Here we have enlisted a few types of lashes so that it will be easier for you to pick the perfect one for your eye shape. 


Individual lashes are one of the best fake eyelashes if you want to give a precise, all-over boost to the length and fullness of your natural lashes or want to improve specific areas in the lash line. These lashes come in sets of 30-60 strands of different lengths that make them one of the great options to get a customized look. Women who want a natural look for adding volume and length in particular areas or want to fill any gaps in their natural lashes should use individuals. The most versatile among all eyelash types, it creates a gorgeous to a maximum intensity look. 

With a pair of tweezers or specially designed lash applicators, apply each lash carefully and it may take some time to put in the right way so you need to practice few times to nail the perfect look. When applying use a good magnifying mirror so that you can easily put on the lashes. Apply the lashes in sparse areas or to the outer ends of your lashes to get a wide-eyed effect or apply in between your lashes to boost thickness all around. 


Clusters are also referred to as accents, or flares works perfectly if you have less time, or require a little more practice when applying full strip lashes. The little band on the cluster makes it easy to pop on the lash line and you can apply strategically for creating various effects such as adding some clusters on the corners for creating a cat-eye effect. Clusters are recommended for those who want similar outcomes from a strip but with personalized smaller and workable pieces. Apply it in a row for getting a full strip-like finish or just pop them on the outer corner of the eyes for creating a wider, cat-eye effect. 

Apply the clusters by using lash glue and place each one onto the upper lash line and layering. After putting the lash twitch mascara at the root so that your natural fake lashes can blend seamlessly. 


Whenever women are talking about the best false eyelashes, mostly they are referring to strips, which are a horizontal band of false wisps worn above the upper lash line. These lashes work perfectly with a style that complements your eye shape. Women with round eyes look great with a demi or winged lash on the outer corners while those who are having deep-set eyes require a little bit longer lash to be properly visible. Hooded eyes will be benefitted from a lash that is longer in the middle. Wear full lash strips to add thickness to eyes or want a dramatic look and comes with various prices. If someone has very sparse lashes, you can wear it cover thicken the lash base.

The lashes are made of synthetic fibers but expensive lashes are made of natural fibers like silk or mink. Apply the straps with tweezers and lash adhesive or lash applicators but your hands should be steady enough to put the lashes properly. If the strip does not fit your eyes shape, trim them to make sure that it is placed properly. When using strip lash, cut it into two or three sections or use a good quality adhesive so that the ends do not pop up. It will take some time to place properly these lashes but with practice, it will be quite easier. When looking down while applying may be difficult as you want to see where you are putting the lash, but it provides a flatter surface in applying them. Use a pair of tweezers for holding the hard to reach corners of the lash in place while the adhesive will allow the bad to set.