Five Reasons Why Sandals are Better than Shoes Any Day

Why anyone would want to wear shoes when they have the option of wearing open-toed sandals is beyond me; nothing is quite as comfortable, and it’s literally the most convenient means of footwear. Needless to say, there are a billion cute sandals for women out there, so you don’t even have to worry about running out of options.

Open-toed or closed-toed sandals have various benefits you’ll want to learn about, especially if you’re considering making a switch from shoes to sandals for the summer. I myself was shocked when I found out about these benefits, so you’re going to want to give this a read. Here are five reasons why women should consider cute sandals instead of stylish shoes for women:

Smell & Potential Infections

When it’s hot outside, your feet get their sweat on. It doesn’t matter if you claim that you don’t sweat at all, feet sweat, and there’s no shame in that. But remember that keeping your sweaty feet confined can have various negative effects, not only on you and your feet but the people around you (like odor). Odiferous shoes are the way to go, if not sandals. The odor-causing bacteria do not have room to stick around and create odor if they are aired out, so stick to sandals when it’s hot out.

Fungal infections love the moist and damp atmosphere created inside your sneakers after you’ve sweat. They choose to inhibit your sneakers over your hot, exposed toes. Best to stay away from your sneakers to save yourself and your family a world of itchiness and grief. Replace them with a cute pair of sandals instead that will keep your feet happy and your sneakers clean and safe.

Aesthetics & Being Fashionable

Banish your sneakers to the bottom of your gym bag because that’s where they truly belong. Let’s get real for a minute here: sneakers do not go with every aesthetic. It goes with a very limited amount of looks and must be restricted to that. You cannot pair your sneakers with an office look or an otherwise dress-up look either: these looks have been experimented with and failed miserably. Sneakers will not impress at the quarterly presentation, but a pair of cute sandals for women just might.

With the myriad of cute sandals options available for the summer, you don’t even have to worry about copying someone else’s look- be your best self this summer. Sandals are a hot fashion trend that never seems to go out of style, and this trend will only continue as the summer heats up.

Accessibility & Compact

On a hot, sunny day, you don’t want to be caught fiddling with your shoes, trying to get them off. Let’s say you’re taking a stroll along the beach and want to dip your toes in. You now have to spend 5 minutes trying to get those darned laces off that are being weirdly stubborn. Avoid this altogether by doing yourself a favor and investing in a good pair of sandals.

We don’t have to convince you about the compatibility factor of sandals. Not only are they adorable alternatives, but they are also easier to carry around than a pair of shoes. A pair of sneakers can easily be replaced by at least two pairs of sandals.

Work Out Companions & Easier to Handle

Did you know that you can now wear sandals to work out? This baffled me, and I wasn’t considering giving up my shoes while working out because I like to go the extra mile. But weirdly enough, I could work out just as hard with my new pair of cute sandals. There are many options available online and in stores, making it a suitable replacement for shoes of all kinds. Why bind your feet into nasty old sneakers when you can work out in sandals? They are breezier, get less smelly, and are easy to handle.

Eco-Friendly Options

There are many eco-friendly options for sandals, such as cork sandals. Sneakers, on the other hand, always have some portion of it incorporating plastic, which we all know is not good for the environment. While sneakers are a far cry from being environment-friendly, there are many cute sandals for eco-friendly women. Replace your environment-killing sneakers with a pair of cute sandals and be green: do your part in this world!