Guide for the Sorority Sweatshirts

Well, when it comes to sweatshirts; you can’t just have one! There is something so warm and cozy about sweatshirts that buying more than one (every new season) actually makes sense.

For sorority members, sweatshirts take on an even more significance (in the world of cozy clothing) due to the presence of Greek letters on them. Sorority sweatshirts have kind of become the go-to tops for Greek life members on campus. Just throw one over your tattered jeans and you are all sorted for your first class of the day. When running late for a class, sorority sweatshirts do come to the rescue of students. Sweatshirts look good and you look good wearing them. What’s not to like about sweatshirts?

Now, to make the right fashion (and comfort) statement, you need to find the best sorority sweatshirts in the market. Consider these tips to help you in your search for the best sorority sweatshirts you can find for campus Greek life.

For the Sake of Fashion

Sorority fashion is mostly about casual comfort. Barring formal sorority events, Greek life members mostly need casual yet stylish clothes for their everyday needs.

For days when it’s just starting to get cooler, choose sweatshirts with extra wide collars, raglan sleeves, and thinner fabrics. Choose sweatshirts in cotton and polyester blends for colder months.

Try to include different fonts, colors, and patterns for your Greek letters or logos on the sweatshirts. You can choose to go the custom-design way and create your own patterns for the letters on the sweatshirts. You can choose from hundreds of fonts and colors. Try different decorations such as foil designs, screen printing, stitched letters etc.

Color must-haves –

All sorority members must have at least one sweatshirt in black, white, and gray. You can easily pair them with your winter jackets without worrying about color matches. You won’t have to worry about the shoes either. Any color or style of sneakers would do with these evergreen neutral shades.

Then you need some cooler shades such as soft pink, powder blue, and sea green. Buy at least one sweatshirt in a vibrant shade such as cobalt blue or sunshine yellow to carry you through bleak winter days. Red and orange colors work fine too for this purpose.

Comfort All the Way

With fashion out of the way (yes, the priorities are in perfect order!), it is time to talk about the comfort factor.

You definitely need more than one style of sorority sweatshirt for your comfort in every season. You need one that is resistant to water and wind. Yes, it’s about nothing getting in the way of your campus fun. Come hail and shine, you must be ready to deal with it in your sorority sweatshirt!

You can wear these lightweight polyester sweatshirts over your usual t shirts or tank tops.  Choose one in eco-fleece material to make the right fashion statement. Buy at least three sweatshirts in thicker materials for the harsh winter months. These sweatshirts can come in handy to add layers when you are out and about on campus; simply remove your jackets in the classroom to sport your Greek life apparel with pride.

Choose different materials to remain comfortable in your sweatshirts most of the year. Your options can be fleece, cotton-polyester blends, cotton, and French Terry. Now, French Terry is ideal for students with active campus life as it wicks moisture really well. It is also lightweight for the ultimate in comfort.

 Style must-haves –

You need sorority sweatshirts with hoods, without hoods, with half-zips, with a bit of wider necklines, and one with drop-shoulder sleeves (this style just looks extra comfy). Buy at least a few sweatshirts in classic crewneck designs for days when you simply need an extra layer of clothing to keep warm.

Printed sweatshirts are also essential for making a style statement in your comfortable avatar. Examples of printed sweatshirt can be polka dots or camouflage patterns on fleece. For variety, buy a cropped sweatshirt that looks more like a top. You can fold the sleeves and rock this look with high-rise jeans or cotton pants.