Learn How to Apply Fake Eyelashes Quickly and Easily

A makeup look is incomplete without perfect lashes. For some people, natural lashes just don’t suffice and false eyelashes which are natural fake lashes whether strips or individuals are the way to go. But applying false eyelashes is a tough job and can easily go wrong or look shabby.

Follow the steps given below to apply false eyelashes perfectly.

(i)  Prepping the natural lashes

The first step is to prepare your natural lashes. After the application of eye shadow and eyeliner of your preference, use an eyelash curler or a curling wand to curl your eyelashes and apply some mascara.

(ii)  Trim the eyelash

Measure the size of your eyelid and trim the false eyelashes if required. Since false eyelashes are made by one size for all bases, sometimes the strip may be larger. Cut the strip to the desired length before applying glue.

(iii)   Application of adhesive

After curling the eyelashes, use tweezers to hold the false eyelashes and apply glue on the band that goes on your eyelid. It’s better to use a Q-tip/ cotton bud or a small applicator than applying glue directly onto the band. Also, it’s easier to use black or dark-colored glue as it is indistinguishable from the eyeliner. You can use white glue too, as it dries into a clear adhesive.

(iv)  Let the glue dry a little

If you put the false eyelashes on your eyelid immediately after applying glue, it is likely the false ones will slide and ruin your perfectly good eye shadow and eyeliner. After applying glue, dry it for 20-30 seconds. After the glue is slightly solidified, place the false eyelash on your eyelid and it will adhere well. Do not dry it for very long as then the glue will be fully fried and will lose the adhering capacity.

(v)  Stick the eyelash strip to lash line

After the glue has dried a little, use tweezers to place the false lashes onto the eyelid at the lash line over your eyeliner. Slightly press it onto the eyelid, firmly enough to stick it but without hurting the eye.

(vi)  Reapplication of eyeliner for cover-up

Apply a fresh coat of eyeliner to cover the visible line of the lash strip so that it blends in with the makeup. You can also apply another coat of mascara to completely blend natural eyelashes with false ones. However, the application of mascara on false eyelash limits is used. it isn’t safe to use mascara-applied false lashes more than 2 times due to bacteria build-up.

Keep These Dos and Don’ts In Mind

•  When purchasing lashes, check and review a few before settling on one. The sizes for all lashes are generally different and you may end up having to trim them.

•  Don’t trim the eyelashes after application. You will end up hurting the eyes or cutting natural lashes. You may also disrupt the required length of false lashes.

•  Check the size of the band holding the lashes together. If it is thick or broad, it will be harder to cover up and will be visible to others. It may also fall off easily and you’ll have to use a lot of glue to stick it.

•  Even though the false eyelashes are already curvy, you can mold them around the handle of a large makeup brush so that they fit the curve of the eyelid properly.

•  You can also apply individual lashes. They are more time consuming but are also more natural in look.

•  Another trick is to simply use half of the false eyelash to make a cat-eye look. Paired with winged eyeliner, it makes a perfect cat-eye.

•  When applied the false eyelash onto the eyelid after the glue has dried a little, keep your eye open so you don’t glue the eye closed. You can use a small mirror to help with the proper and safe application.

•  Apply false eyelashes after applying eye shadow and eyeliner otherwise, the false lashes will catch the color of both eye shadow and eyeliner and will look clumpy or discolored.

•  In case you find it difficult to place the eyelashes, use a pencil eyeliner to mark a line where you have to place the lashes.

•  Also, do curl your false eyelashes after application so that both natural and false lashes blend in well.