Microblading Eyebrows – Is it Right For You

Microblading is done by inserting a single extremely thin blade into small incisions made immediately just above the dermal layer of the skin, applying color, and then using a hot tool to close the wounds. Your brows will inevitably start to fade, and it is imperative that you visit the salon for touch-ups.

To produce the illusion of larger, darker, and groomed brows, a technician physically punctures and enters your skin well with a pigment hue that best complements your natural brow tone.

Despite your naturally thick brows, microblading is not only for thin, sparse brows. Microblading eyebrows in Miami (www.fametattoos.com/Microblading-eyebrows-in-Miami) can make subtle improvements to what is already present. For persons with thin brows, however, the benefits are very noticeable (and can be nearly life-changing for people who live with alopecia).

How does microblading work?

A qualified specialist will measure your brows, determining the ideal size, breadth, and depth for your face shape.

If their training has just consisted of learning how to use stencils, they are probably “not well-versed” in measurement. So, if you visit a technology specialist who only uses a stencil, leave the office as quickly as possible. Ensuring the greatest outcomes necessitates a brow mapping procedure that takes much longer than the whole microblading itself.

To prevent excessive bleeding, bruising, or scarring, some medicines (such as fish oil supplements, vitamin E, ibuprofen, and Advil) may be banned before the treatment.

Tanning, Botox, and tweezing should also be avoided.

Since dry skin has a greater grasp on pigment, frequent touch-ups could be necessary if you have oily skin. In other words, excess sebum prevents the pigment from doing its job, prohibiting clients from receiving the benefits they want.

There are, however, hazards. You should know this.

Micorblading might result in:

Bacterial infection

Infectious germs like Staphylococcus can be disseminated if the technician uses filthy water or equipment (staph). Additionally, infections like HIV, hepatitis, and herpes might be transmitted. When the ink becomes contaminated with germs or mold, then printing may fail. Even if the product is wrapped, there is no guarantee it is safe. If you get an infection, your doctor could prescribe antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungals.

Anaphylactic shock.

It is possible that you could develop an itching rash from the ink. An allergic response may be underway. Occasionally, but particularly with the color red, it does happen. If you have naturally dark brows, red may be combined with black dye to create a color that suits you. Your doctor may want to give you a steroid injection or antihistamine.

Vascular granulomas.

Foreign material is being injected into your skin during microblading. Because your body may be attempting to guard you against infection, you may find inflamed knots in your vicinity. It will probably not happen immediately. If granulomas form a few months or years following the treatment, this may indicate a longer-term problem. In order to get well, you will have to take steroids or antibiotics.


A Sarcoidosis is present when you have more than one granuloma. It may be difficult to digest. 15 years after a patient received a typical eyebrow tattoo, the researchers showed up to do a study on them. There is no variation in therapy.


This is an anomaly, as wounds tend to increase in size just a little. Occasional skin reactions like these are not that common on your face. However, if you have ever had keloids, the risk of getting them via microblading is present.

Problems with the MRI

If you receive an MRI, tattooed skin might swell or burn, though it is really uncommon. After the surgery, your skin will return to normal. It is important to notify your doctor or radiologist about microblading, especially if you require it.

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