Microblading Eyebrows – Shape Up to Unlock a Stunning Look

Microblading is a technique that can completely transform your eyebrows. It is a form of semi-permanent makeup or tattoo. The feather-like ink strokes help to fill and refine the eyebrows and enhance your looks. It is offered at most tattoo shops.

Microblading – The Thick and Thin of It

The artists –

Microblading is a precise technique. Not every tattoo artist will offer this service. It requires special training and adequate practice before artists can begin to offer it as one of their services.

You can find a local microblading artist by conducting a simple online search. Use keywords such as microblading eyebrows Miami (if this is your location) to find names of leading artists or shops offering this service. You can then choose one based on their experience, rates, and availability.

It is the choice of the artist that will determine the result of microblading for the most part. Trained artists will take care to not damage your existing or natural eyebrows. If infection sets in post your microblading session then your eyebrows can sustain damage. If the pigment is deposited deeper into the skin than necessary then you are likely to not get good microblading results.

The process –

Microblading involves consultation, the tattooing, and the follow-up session.

Your artist will first examine your face, skin type, hair color, and of course the eyebrows to determine the best shape for you. You may want thicker eyebrows or simply refine your existing ones a bit more. Your artist will also choose the ink color based on the natural color of your hair and eyebrows.

Next, your artist will clean and numb the brow area. Microblading is done using a handheld pen-like tool instead of the usual tattoo guns. The microblading tool consists of several micro-needles that help draw the feather-like strokes. The strokes are so tiny that they appear like hair and are not distinguishable as ink on a cursory glance. The amount of ink deposited will depend on each person’s specific needs. Your artist will discuss these details with you prior to the treatment as well as during it. Once the work is done, your artist will apply an ointment in the brow area to encourage the healing.

The process can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. It can be more or less depending on the artists’ experience and capabilities.

Follow-up sessions are recommended after four to six weeks. During this time, you can get fuller eyebrows if you are not happy with them. You can try to intensify the shade too.

The results can last from one year to three years depending on the quality of the work and your skin type. Ink can fade sooner on oily skin compared with drier skin types.

The process is painless more or less as the brow area is numbed before the treatment. Skilled and experienced artists ensure that the process can be done in a relaxing manner without any discomfort for the clients.

The aftercare –

Your artist will explain the aftercare procedure to you. It can take a few days (or more) for the brow area to completely heal. The brow area will also peel a bit before the eyebrows begin to show their full effect post the microblading session. The entire process can take up two to four weeks depending on your skin type and the quality of the work done.

Your artist may recommend ointments or moisturizers to use on the brows post microblading. You may need to keep the brow area clear of excess oil buildup as well.

Your artist will also recommend the best times for touch-up sessions. Ideally, you should opt for touch-up sessions just as your eyebrows begin to fade.

The cost –

The price of microblading can vary depending on the experience of the artist and the reputation of the shop. The cost can run into several hundred dollars for one session. But you won’t need to do any work on your eyebrows for as long as the ink remains intact.

No more using makeup to perfect your eyebrows every day. No more spending hours on getting the eyebrows perfect. No more spending money on buying gels, pencils, and eyebrow shapers. You can have stunning eyebrows every day with microblading.