Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Best Microblading Makeup Artist for your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows play a vital role in defining your look and your face. Many people opt for permanent makeup for their eyebrows and end up with a new set of eyebrows with a ‘drawn on’ look. Great looking eyebrows are defined by a natural look with a visible eyebrow hair stroke. This type of eyebrow can be done by an expert beautician. The main reason why a makeup artist in his field can provide with beautiful looking eyebrows us the treatment is done by using a very sharp and fine blade that resembles a pen.

Microblading is a specialized technique where the eyebrows are shaped properly by a permanent makeup artist. How will you find the best salon for your treatment? How will you make sure that you will be satisfied with the result? All the queries are discussed in this guide.


It is important to have a tattoo license for performing microblading eyebrows Miami. If the studio is not certified then it is not legally operating and who knows what types of practices are performed behind the scenes. It starts with right set up to proper practices during the procedure to storage, disposal and cleans up. Specific microblading training is also essential along with a state license. As microblading has a lot of specific details that are crucial in order to proceed directly so having trained from an expert is essential. A certificate is a must so that clients can ensure they are in safe hands.


Hearing past clients sharing about their experiences will be very helpful to choose the best artist who specializes in microblading eyebrows Miami. Although it is common sense to check the testimonials people to tend to forget. If there is no proof then how new clients will trust the artist and will whether he or she is capable of the job.


The best artists can able to answer all your questions and specifically about microblading. They should explain thoroughly which should be easily understood by the clients. If they deviate any question or unable to explain properly then they are not experienced enough. It does not matter the type of question or how detailed it is, please do not get scared to ask any question that is going in your mind as you want to make sure you know what you are getting into. The safety should be the highest priority for any individual.

Work Quality

Make sure that you like the artist’s style and they do good work. Keep in mind that every artist is different. The artists performing microblading eyebrows in Miami would want your eyebrows to look as natural as possible. After the treatment, you cannot differentiate the actual hair and the microblade one. All are blended together and some specific processes are used for creating each stroke that makes it look like real hair.

After the result, if you observe that the strokes look unnatural and just looking like a bunch of lines then it is likely that you will be not choosing this artist. Check whether they are following a pattern to give a natural look. If the strokes are against natural brow hair growth then it is a big no and will not look natural.

Long-Lasting Technique

Once the microblading procedure is completed there is one to two weeks healing process where you need to follow certain aftercare instructions. This is required as mini cuts are done into the brows and the skin is trying to heal itself.  Your body will be repairing the skin and within this duration, before you will be coming back for your six to eight weeks touch up where your 30 to 40 % eyebrows would have faded. If the artist uses the right technique and places the pigment properly into the skin and aftercare is followed properly, then the strokes will stay. If the strokes have stayed then it is a good sign of a trained artist. After six to eight weeks touch up, your brows will heal again and stay for a few months depending on lifestyle and skin type. This is the ultimate result you must see from previous clients.