Tattoo Removal – Different Methods to Assist You to Clear Away a Tattoo

Perhaps you regret getting that tattoo you once so desired. Perhaps you have simply outgrown your tattoo you got in a different stage of your life. So, do you need to live with an unwanted tattoo for life? Not really as you can easily remove tattoos using any one of the many methods available to do so. You need to identify the best tattoo removal method as per your comfort levels and budget.

Different Methods to Clear Away Tattoos


Lasers are a popular method of removing tattoos. The process involves directing laser beams on the tattoo to infuse the pigments with light’s energy. The pigments break down due to the action of the tattoos and get absorbed in the body. The process is performed under local anesthesia. You may require multiple sessions to completely dissolve the pigments. The number of sessions will depend on the colors of the ink and the size of the tattoo.

It can cause scarring, swelling, and even bleeding if not performed properly. Scarring is possible even when the laser procedure is performed with all quality standards during the treatment. It can be expensive if you require multiple sessions to remove a large tattoo.

Tattoo Vanish

Tattoo Vanish is a revolutionary method of clearing away all traces of tattoo. The method requires the use of local anesthesia. Then the technician will move through the inked pattern using the best tattoo removal machine. The ink eraser goes deep inside the skin and solidifies the ink. The ink then gets pulled to the surface and forms into a scab once the treatment is over. It then falls off on its own after some 12-14 days or so. The procedure can be completed within 10 minutes.

Tattoo Vanish is a natural method of removing tattoos. You will require fewer sessions than laser if you opt for Tattoo Vanish to remove your tattoo. It is also effective in removing all ink colors, which is not even possible with a laser. It is not very painful. The use of local anesthesia makes it easier to tolerate. It is not very expensive. But ensure that you only choose licensed technicians for the job. It is safe as the ink doesn’t get absorbed in the body. It has fewer side effects than other methods of tattoo removal.


You can also remove your tattoos with surgery. The doctor will numb the area and cut away the skin with the tattoo. Incisions help to stitch the skin back together. Removal of the skin can cause scarring.

If your tattoo is very big, you are most likely to need skin grafts after cutting the tattoo. There is also the risk of infections and bleeding with any surgical procedure. You will need to seek treatment for licensed doctors.


Dermabrasion involves removing the skin’s top layer using a rotary tool. The treatment is done after numbing the tattooed area. The ink leeches out once the procedure is complete.

Dermabrasion can make the skin very raw. It is also quite expensive. A single session can cost you a great deal depending on the size of your tattoo and the types of inks used to engrave it.


There are creams also available in the market to remove tattoos. But the creams can only lighten up the ink to some extent. You can try peeling creams to remove the skin over the tattoo to fade the ink a bit. You might get some superficial results and nothing more. Using creams can be the least expensive of all the tattoo removal methods. But the use of creams is also one of the least effective ways to remove tattoos.

Home Remedies

Some home remedies are also popular for removing tattoos. But don’t expect any good results let alone dramatic results. The rubbing of the salt on the tattoo for about 30-40 minutes can aid in removing the skin’s layer a bit along with the pigment. The same applies to a mixture of salt and lemon juice.

You can also try using a mixture of honey, aloe vera, yogurt, and salt to lighten the tattoo. These home remedies might not be very effective and cause scarring of the skin.