The Importance of Tanning Lotions for Tanning Beds

Looking to get that dreamy golden glow? Having a great tan goes a long way in building confidence and feeling great. Indoor tanning studios let you maintain your glow all year round, but to get the perfect tan, you are going to need some help. Tanning lotions for tanning beds are designed to work alongside UVA lighting to give your skin a radiant shine, but before you add a lotion to your bag, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Sun Block VS Tanning Lotion

Heading to the studio and thinking of throwing your go-to beach lotion in your bag? While both outdoor tanning lotion and tanning bed lotion protect your skin and help you get that perfect glow, only specialized tanning lotions for tannings beds should be used under synthetic lights. While indoor tanning bed lotions do not protect against UVB, they are designed to improve tanning under UVA lighting while helping skin hold on to heathy moisture. Outdoor tanning lotions are great for your trip to the local pool or beach, but oils found in these creams can cause serious damage to the acrylics found in tanning beds. For anyone looking to make indoor tanning part of their routine, investing in a good tanning lotion for tanning bed use is a must.

Types of Tanning Lotions

Tanning lotions for tanning beds can speed up the tanning process and help skin retain the healthy bronze glow after a session. These specialized lotions come in a variety of styles and serve different functions. Some lotions boast a dark glow while others focus on keeping skin well hydrated. Lotions can come as creams or sprays, and choosing between different lotion types comes down to preference.

Accelerators and Maximizers

If your skin leans on the paler side, accelerating and maximizing options are an ideal tanning lotion go-to. These tanning lotions for tanning beds contain moisturizing ingredients that keep your skin hydrated while simulating melanin. High-quality lotions will contain vitamins and minerals that repair, revive, and renew your skin while you are basking under the tanning bed lights.


For those looking to crank it up a notch and get a darker look, bronzers are a great tanning tool. These types of tanning lotions for tanning beds are designed to boost skin darkness within two to four hours, helping you get results that would otherwise be impossible to achieve naturally. While this lotion boasts quick results, the glow is short-lived and typically fades within a week.


As their name suggests, tinglers are a type of tanning lotion for tanning beds that leave you with a tingling sensation on your skin. These advanced lotions are recommended for users who have experience with indoor tanning. Tinglers work to promote melanin formation, quickening blood flow to result in a more radiant tan. Some users report discomfort from the tingling sensation that gives this lotion its name, but rest assured that the sensation is harmless.

Know your Skin

Before adding a lotion to your bag, it is important you know your skin and understand its needs. There are many different skin types and what works for one may not be the best fit for another. Skin types range from Type One to Type Six, the lower scale representing fair skin that burns easily and the higher end belonging to darker skin types that are less prone to burning. Knowing your skin type is crucial to choosing the right lotion. Most tanning studios will be able to assist you in determining your skin type, so don’t stress if you aren’t sure where your complexion falls on the scale. Once you know your skin type and its care needs, you can find the right tanning lotion for tanning beds.

Choosing the Best Lotion

Finding the perfect tanning lotion for tanning beds can take some trial and error, but it is well worth the hassle, and your bronze skin will thank you. For those starting out on their tanning journey or for veterans looking to add a new lotion to their routine, it is important to keep in mind your skin type and what you are looking to get out of the lotion. Spend time checking out each product, and don’t be afraid to try something new!