Tips to Use Cheap Fashion Jewelry to Look Absolutely Gorgeous

Cheap fashion jewelry is attractive for its price. But not all frugal jewelry pieces are attractive. Cheap jewelry that looks good is the real deal. You can use inexpensive pieces of fashion jewelry to look absolutely stunning without needing to spend money worth your weight in gold.

Here are some easy tips that you can use to look absolutely stunning with cheap fashion jewelry.

To Wear –

Light up your ears

Chandelier and shiny earrings can complete even a plain outfit. Don’t be afraid to go bright and bold with your earrings.

Layer your pieces

One of the best things about fashion jewelry is that you can buy multiple pieces of the similar items without spending much. Stack your bracelets and layer your necklaces.

Less is definitely more

Refrain from decking yourself from head to wrist with different jewelry items all at the same time. If you are wearing multiple bangles, don’t layer the necklaces at the same time and vice versa. If you are wearing big earrings, go easy on necklaces or completely forgo them. Big chandelier earrings and stacked bracelets can really make an impact without you needing to wear a necklace as well. If you are wearing a jeweled hair pin, avoid big earrings.

If you are wearing layered necklaces, don’t overwhelm the look with too much sparkle or bold details. Also, three is the magic number for a layered necklace look but you can stretch it to five with the right pieces.

Complement your outfits

You don’t need to exactly match jewelry with your outfits. But complementing them is necessary to make a stunning statement. For example, avoid wearing necklaces with ruffled tops – you want to look good not over-the-top.

Pair a white shirt with silver earrings for a winning look for any occasion. Small silver earrings with or without stones or detailing can look good with outfits in solid colors such as white, blue and navy for office or casual outings.

Match them with the occasions

Fashion jewelry can look good for any occasion but you need to match them right. Jewelry with too many embellishments is not ideal for office but it might just be right for a party or outings with friends.

Be gorgeous with crystals such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, and aquamarine paired with sterling silver. You can wear crystals for any occasion if you can get the size right. Keep big stones for parties and outings and smaller pieces for office and formal occasions.

To Buy –

Look for originality

Fashion jewelry doesn’t need to be cheap imitations of precious or real ones. Aim to buy unique pieces of jewelry that shine with originality.

Buy quality pieces

Cheap doesn’t need to mean ‘of low quality’ when referencing fashion jewelry. Many designers and manufacturers make frugal jewelry with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Most importantly, have fun wearing your jewelry. Own your style statement.