How to Wear a Women’s Suspender Belt

If you thought only models in lingerie catalogues wore suspender belts then think again. Perhaps it is now time to try this nifty little item of lingerie for a practical or sexy look depending on your purpose of wearing one.

Suspenders for women are also known as garter belts. A practical item of clothing to hold and keep stockings in place, a suspender belt can also enhance the look of many lingerie items.

In this article, find out how to wear a suspender belt with your lingerie and outfits.

Suspenders for Women – How to Wear Them

Suspenders for women consist of a belt or a band to wear it around or just below the waist. The belts can consist of multiple straps (two or more) with hooks that you can attach to your stockings. The belt comes with eyes and hooks for strapping them together. Most bands come with several hooks so that the wearers can adjust it as per their comfort.

It is very easy and simple to wear a suspender belt. Remove the clasps from the rubber nubs, place the stocking over it, and clip the fabric.

It is easy to clasp the front straps. But the back straps can be difficult to reach. To clasp the back straps yourself, you can sit on a chair or the edge of a bed. Then extend your arm between your thighs to reach the clasps and the straps. You can also place your foot on any elevated surface to reach the straps much more easily.

If you are wearing a suspender belt with an outfit, put it on after your underwear. If you are wearing it with your lingerie, you can put it any way you please. But the usual way is to wear it over the panties. Many women’s underwear sets include a suspender. You can also buy suspenders separately for any lingerie set.

Cuts, Styles, and Designs of Suspender Belts – Wearing them with Outfits and Lingerie

Suspenders for women come in a wide variety of styles and patterns. You can choose from high-waisted belts to mesh skirts, wide belts, single thin straps, and midriff-covering bands.

If you are trying suspenders for women for the first time then practice wearing them alone for a few hours. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing it under an outfit or as part of your lingerie; you need to be comfortable with its use. Otherwise the discomfort will show on your face and will spoil the new look you are so eager to try out.

Use a thin or plain suspender belt if you wear it with snug outfits or else it will bulge underneath your dress. With women’s underwear sets, you can choose outlandish designs of suspenders with details like ruffles, rhinestones, and other accents. You don’t have to choose boring suspenders for your outfits. Just skip the ones with bulging detailing. You can buy satin or pretty lace suspenders to wear with formal dresses. But it is better to stick to neutral or black colours when buying suspender belts for outfits.

For lingerie, start with satin or lace suspender belts to go with different sets. Many women’s underwear sets are compatible to use with suspenders and stockings to make you feel more beautiful. You can pair a black satin or lace suspender with various lingerie sets. You can also try leopard or floral prints

Suspender belts are not available as only demure and delicate designs. Enliven your lingerie collection by including risqué styles such as suspender panties with cut out or cage strap designs, thin or wide bands with multiple straps, and vintage-style suspenders.

You can also have fun in choosing different colours for suspender belts to pair them with lingerie. Buy white and black suspender belts in both satin and silk as you can pair them with any lingerie set and even your outfits. Choose a few bold pieces for special nights. Suspender belts made with mesh or with rhinestone accents can uplift women’s underwear sets in any style or design.

Use suspender belts to add oomph to your style.