What are the Pros and Cons of Using Tanning Bed Lotions

As summer begins to come upon us, many of us spend our time daydreaming of the sun, warm weather, and nice tans. Bronzed skin is the perfect testament to a summer well spent, and having that glow can inspire you to be more confident with yourself. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for warm weather and sunny skies to achieve your desired tan, and this is all thanks to tanning beds. You go in for a couple sessions a week, and before you know it you’ll be glowing – no warm weather required. However, if you decide to use tanning beds you should be aware of how to prep for your visit and whether or not you want to use tanning bed lotion.

How to Prep for the Tanning Bed:

Before you hop in to a tanning bed, there are some steps you should follow first such as:

1. Shower before you go to a tanning bed. You must prepare your skin for the tanning process, but this shouldn’t be anything too different from your ordinary routine. You must shower and exfoliate before you visit the tanning salon in order to remove any products or lotions that are lingering on your skin which could interfere with the tanning process.

2. Shave! As you shower, you should also shave any area that you want to tan. If you don’t, tanning bed lotion that you may use could sit on top of the hair follicles and give you an uneven tan.

3. Bring some sort of elastic for your hair, and if you are applying lotion and don’t want your hands to become stained bring a bit to apply the lotion.

Finally, you will need to decide whether you will be using a tanning bed lotion or not. If you are bringing tanning bed lotion to use, make sure you bring it with you and apply it immediately prior to using the tanning bed. Additionally, bring clothes that you don’t mind getting stained with the lotion after you are done with the tanning bed.

Tanning Lotion vs Tanning Bed Lotion

It’s important to remember that there is a crucial distinction between tanning lotion and tanning bed lotion: that is, one you can use outside and the other you should use for the tanning bed. You might think that these tanning lotions should be interchangeable, however they are not. For one thing, tanning bed lotions do not contain sunscreen due to the fact that they contain other helpful ingredients and you don’t need the SPF protection sunscreen provides. When you tan indoors, you adhere to a strict time limit to limit your exposure to UV rays, whereas when you tan outside you limit your exposure to UV rays by selecting sunscreen with the appropriate SPF level.

Pros and Cons of Tanning Bed Lotions

There are many reasons why you might deliberate between using tanning lotion or not. Here are a list of some cons for using tanning bed lotions:

1. Tanning bed lotion can inhibit vitamin D absorption. If you’re using tanning beds to acquire your needed vitamin D, then you will want to skip applying tanning bed lotions that stop you from absorbing vitamin D.

2. Tanning bed lotions aren’t natural. You may prefer to not use synthetic process in order to adhere to a more nature lifestyle.

Here are some pros for using tanning bed lotions:

1. Tanning bed lotions help your skin stay hydrated. Laying under tanning bulbs tend to dry your skin out more than the sun due to the intensity of the bulbs. Additionally, dry skin doesn’t tan as evenly, so applying a good tanning bed lotion before you get in the tanning bed will help you get a more even tan.

2. You will get a tan faster. Tanning bed lotions are specifically designed to aid in acquiring a tan more quickly than normal.

Tanning bed lotions are designed to moisturize your skin while simultaneously enhance your tan. While there are reasons to both wear and not wear tanning bed lotions, you will receive the best experience from a tanning bed by using tanning bed lotions.