Why Use Tanning Lotion

Winter doesn’t mean the end of sun-kissed complexions. Tanning beds provide year-round access to beautifully tanned skin. However, just because tanning beds emit more UVA rays than UVB rays, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a healthier option. Precautions and necessary preparation should still be taken. A step that is often overlooked is the application of tanning lotions for tanning beds, which can actually help deepen a bronzy glow for a richer, bolder color.

The Benefits of Using Tanning Lotions for Tanning Beds

In addition to helping tanners achieve a deeper tan, tanning lotion provides many benefits. It supplies your skin with essential moisture, which allows it to soak up more rays. Drinking plenty of water in addition to using tanning lotions for tanning beds will also help with this. Tanning lotions are also full of essential oils, which are super nourishing for the skin, helping to soften and smooth away fine lines for an even tan. To ensure the tanning lotion is working at its fullest potential, follow these 6 steps for skin prep.

How to Prep Before Applying Tanning Lotion:

Remember that tanning lotions for tanning beds can stain because these lotions contain bronzer.

1. Exfoliate: Before applying tanning lotions for tanning beds, every inch of skin that will be exposed to UVA rays must be exfoliated. This ensures any dry, dead skin is removed. Forgetting this essential step can lead to a streaky tan.

2. Shave: Like exfoliating, shaving any body hair before applying tanning lotions for tanning beds will help spread the lotion evenly for a better tan. Skipping this step can cause the lotion to accumulate near hair follicles, which will cause tiny bronzed spots. These might distract from the overall beauty of a tan.

3. Don’t Rush: When it comes to applying tanning lotions for tanning beds, patience is key. Don’t be afraid to apply a generous amount, except around the face – go sparingly, because the excess moisture allows the skin to tan better. Rub the tanning lotion evenly in a circular motion to avoid dark patches, and make sure every bit of the lotion is rubbed in evenly; otherwise, it will affect the overall look of the tan. Wipe off any lotion that accumulates on the palms of hands and between fingers; it can cause these areas to unevenly darken.

4. Wash it off: Tanning lotion for tanning beds isn’t like regular lotion. It is imperative that it is washed off after a tanning session using a plain bar of soap or an unscented body wash. Do not exfoliate after tanning because this can ruin the end result.

Additional Tanning Tips

1. Apply Sunscreen

In addition to applying tanning lotions for tanning beds, it’s important to apply sunscreen as well. This might seem counter-productive, but consider it proactive skincare because tanning beds are actually six times as powerful as the mid-day sun. The last thing anyone wants while tanning is to come out with a sunburn. Avoid applying any additional products that claim to darken a tan, like baby oil, which can cause a severe burn. Instead, look specifically for tanning lotions for tanning beds because these products are designed to deepen the hue of a tan without dangerous side effects—you may even find one with an SPF protection included in the formula.

2. Shorter Not Longer Sessions

When using tanning beds, it’s important that people know their skin type and how it will react. Those with fairer complexions will burn much faster than those with naturally darker skin. Regardless of skin type, it’s best to tan in shorter, more frequent sessions rather than in a few long sessions. For those who are looking to deepen their tan in a short time span, tanning lotions for tanning beds can help without causing damage.

3. Post-Tan Skincare

Post-tan skincare is just as important as pre-tan skincare. Rather than applying tanning lotions for tanning beds after a tan, use aloe because it is a great way to eliminate soreness and redness. Shea butter can also help in prolonging a tan and rejuvenating skin after it’s been exposed to intense UVA rays. This is also the best time, if someone is so inclined, to use baby oil because it helps soften and moisturize skin, leaving a beautiful shine. Just make sure it’s always after and never before.