Top Tips to Follow Before Using the Best Dark Tanning Lotion

They smell good, don’t they? And they have sexy-sounding names, too. Dark tanning bed lotions are as irresistible as the sunshine, especially when the weather where you live is not so great. But what can they do for you, and what should you do to prepare to use them? When you want to get a little indoor sun, what are some of the top tips to follow before using the best dark tanning bed lotions to be sure that the tan you get is just what you wanted?

What are the lotions for?

You don’t want to hit the tanning bed without a lotion. They actually do a lot more than just smell great and change the color of your skin! They also moisturize and protect the skin from UV rays that are also a part of the indoor tanning bed. A great dark tanning bed lotion helps your skin react to the melanin, and it accelerates the color change. But the moisturizing is essential because tanning beds can dry out the skin. The lotion will help it to glow.

Prepare your skin for the lotion

The first thing to do before you start to tan is make sure your skin is ready to receive the rays, and there are some basic things to remember to do. The day before you use the indoor tanning bed, you will want to give yourself some pampering! That means exfoliating and shaving. The day before is better than right before because that will give the skin a little time to relax, and then it’s time to prepare for the dark tanning bed lotion. Exfoliating is important. Give yourself some time to slough off the dead skin cells, and shower to get rid of any dirt. That also matters. Shave the day before if you have sensitive skin.

Don’t forget to shower

It is important to be prepared for the indoor tanning bed. Dirt, body hair, and dead skin cells do contribute to an uneven tan because those are the things that prevent the UV rays from doing their job. Dirt, patches of hair, skin problems, and dry skin can cause a blotchy or patchy tan. Showering also helps free clogged pores. The thing to remember is that your tan will be best if you prepare your skin for the dark tanning bed lotion and for the tanning bed, and if your skin is clean and moisturized.

Know the right lotion for you

Even though you are tanning in an indoor tanning bed and not outside in the sun, there are still concerns about the UV rays, Vitamin D, and all the other good and bad things the sun gives. Be careful if you are taking medicines or prescriptions. Choose a dark tanning bed lotion that doesn’t harm tattoos, as well. In addition, be careful to read the label of the tanning bed lotion, so that you know what to do according to the lotion. Is it a bronzer, a tingler, or an accelerator?

What is a tingler?

A tingler is a dark tanning bed lotion, and it is for those who are after a deep, dark tan. The tingler gives the skin a tingling after it is applied. Some people like that, some find it weird. What it does is bring oxygen to the skin by increasing blood circulation, which deepens the tan. If you are not sure if that is for you, then check with your doctor.

Be careful with the fabrics

Indoor tanning bed lotions are meant to be used indoors. They are fine to be used in the sun (although they won’t protect you as well as a sun screen), but if you are tanning on a tanning bed, be sure that you have a dark tanning bed lotion that will not harm the vinyl or the fabric of the mattress on the tanning bed.

Finally, watch what you wear while you are tanning and before you put the dark tanning bed lotion on your skin. Some lotions can stain or harm clothing.

Getting the right dark tanning bed lotion is important for your health, for your skin, and for your tan. There is not much to do to prepare, but be careful that you have the lotion you want, and be prepared. Think of your tanning session as a time for you and shave, shower, and exfoliate beforehand.